Had The Day Off and Did Nothing!

Had so many things I wanted to do on my day off today:

  • Make another batch of ice cream
  • Make brownies
  • Pick a new theme for the blog
  • Mail off Kristy’s toffee
  • Go to Fante’s and Reading Terminal 

Yeah, none of that has happened. Well, I did start looking at new blog themes, so I did accomplish one thing off my list. The ice cream is gonna have to wait for me to clear space in the fridge, the brownies I might still make tonight,  and the toffee I made for Kristy I’ll send off tomorrow when I return to the office.  As for Fante’s and Reading Terminal, not going is actually a win as I didn’t spend any money on stuff that might have been really, really cool, but that I didn’t need. I have the SBN new member meeting to go to tonight. Not feeling that great, and I don’t want to go, but I’m forcing myself as it’s good to force yourself to do things   you don’t want to do. Plus, most of the time it turned out to be great.  

Heading out into the wind and cold,



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