I’m not the most patient of people. Everyday it’s getting harder and harder for me to get up and go to work. Not because I don’t like my job (I do), but because I feel like I’m in some kind of holding pattern. I’m waiting. It’s hard seeing other people living their dreams and you have to wait to live yours. 

Of course I keep thinking “If only I hit the lottery,” however, I don’t play the lottery on a regular basis, so that doesn’t help.  All I can do right now is keep going. 

Until next time,





Not a good couple of weeks. The only thing I’ve made lately were some cookies (spread too much. #epicfail) and a banana smoothie last night (sorry, no pictures). Was going to make peanut butter squares tonight, but I couldn’t find the brand new jar of peanut butter I bought a few weeks ago. Better luck tomorrow.